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New Mexico Wild Horse Herds

New Mexico has many wild horses, but most are not managed by the BLM. Instead they are either on US Forest Service, US Department of Agriculture, Indian Reservations, or private lands. 



BLM New Mexico manages two wild horse and burro herd management areas on nearly 29 thousand acres.

National Wild Horse or Burro Territories in New Mexico:


A. Wild Horse Territory                                                           Forest 

Jicarilla                                                                                    Carson (02)
Mesa Las Viejas                                                                     Carson (02)
Mesa Montosa Zeroed Out                                                Carson (02)
Jarita Mesa                                                                             Carson (02)
Deep Creek                                                                             Gila (06)
San Diego                                                                                Santa Fe (10)
Caja del Rio                                                                            Santa Fe (10)
Chicoma                                                                                  Santa Fe (10) 


B. Wild Burro Territory                                                            Forest
Double A                                                                                 Kaibab (07)
Dome (Bandelier)                                                                 Santa Fe (10) - Zeroed
Saguaro                                                                                   Tonto (12)


The Gila and White Sands wild horses were moved from New Mexico to a private sanctuary on an Indian Reservation in South Dakota that is overseen by Karen Sussman and the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros. In autumn of 2016, the Dewey County Sheriff's Office took custody of the animals, after it was disvcovered that they had reproduced to 850 animals and were starving to death.

Mustang Camp, located in Milan, New Mexico, has become one of the leading programs for getting captured wild horses gentled, trained, and adopted. The program, owned and operated by Dr. Patricia Barlow-Irick, gets several hundred wild horses trained and placed in adoptive homes each year. Mustang Camp accepts wild horses in need from a variety of sources: BLM, US Forest Service, New Mexico Department of Agriculture, the Navajo Nation, and the Placitas wild horse herd.

Placitas Wild Horses

Private Lands:

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