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The Bamboo Pole method of wild horse gentling was developed by John Sharp of Prineville, Oregon, back in the early part of the 20th Century. His grand-daughter, Kitty Lauman, has perfected this technique and uses it on a regular basis in the horse training business that she and her husband, Rick, operate. The Laumans also teach clinics, where people can come and learn from them first-hand.

The Bamboo pole method is a very effective method of making safe, early contact with a wild, unhandled, or spoiled-unsafe horse, that most people can learn relatively quickly, and can use within the BLM-reg 20 x 20 foot pipe panel pen that most adopters start out with. No round pen is required. In fact, the corners of the pen are used to advantage within the bamboo pole method, providing the horse a feeling of relative safety. The pole works by making the pole an extension of your own arm, so you can reach out and touch the horse from a safe distance.

Learning to use the bamboo pole to make early contact with a wild horse is something that nearly everyone can learn, but it does need to be studied to be most effective. I strongly recommend Kitty Lauman's video "From Wild To Willing" produced by Video Mike, that very clearly teaches how to use this method. Here are a few still shots from their video:

Kitty Lauman:

DVD or VHS (2-DVD or 2-VHS set - almost 3 hours of instruction!

$39.95 plus $5 shipping/handling (+ California buyers have to pay sales tax)

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