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SPARKY - Mustang Colt

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SPARKY from the Calico Mountains (NV 222)
mustang colt adopted in 2001

Sparky the Mustang:  from First Touch                       to First Ride                                  To First Show                 To 5-Day Wilderness Ride!              To "Big Boy" who can do it all


Sparky was born in the Calico Mountains, North of Gerlach, Nevada, in the fall of 2000. He was captured as an orphan on December 18, 2000. Mike and I made an adoption appointment at Palomino Valley BLM Corrals for January 30, 2001. Since this would be my first horse project, I decided to stack the cards in my favor and choose a youngster. I picked Sparky out of a pen of weanlings.

Here is Sparky the day I adopted him. But I couldn't bring him home until his brand had been inspected and he had a Coggins test, so that he would be legal to cross state lines.

Unfortunately, while waiting for the Coggins and brand inspection, he and most of his herd-mates came down with strangles, so the whole facility was quarantied and he could not be released to go home until mid-April

April 18, Sparky comes home; April 19, Sparky begins gentling

May: Sparky moves into pasture with Ruby & Silver

Sparky and I begin training with Jerry Tindell

Tindell "Challenges" Clinic

November: First Ride

Sparky & Nancy at
Western States Wild Horse & Burro Expo
August, 2004

CADAMA Playday Trail Course: We won First Prize!

Benny, Sparky & Ruby are BLM Ambassadors at the Brentwood Adoption

Santa Claus Parade in Downtown Napa

Riding at home

2005: Sparky goes to Napa Schools Farm Day

2005: Sparky and Ruby & Benny go to Pt. Reyes - their first long trail ride - 14 miles round trip from parking lot to beach and back.

2006: Jerry Tindell Riding Clinic

2006: Outstanding in our field

2006: Tindell Driving Clinic (makeshift "harness")

2006: Trail riding at Skyline Park in Napa

2006: Jerry Tindell "Spook" Clinic

2006 CADAMA Playday

Sparky's first trick: "Give Me A Kiss"

2006: First Horse Camping Trip: Warner Wilderness

Warner Wilderness: Happy Trails!

Teaching 'Lie Down"

Tindell Clinic: Come to the fence for mounting
Winter 2007:

Sparky gets a real harness

Giving grand-niece, Steffi, a ride

August 2007

January 2007: Raye Lockert clinic and Arena practice

Summer 2007: Little Benjamin from Singapore rode Sparky and learned what he wants to be when he grows up: a Cowboy!

Spring 2007: Trail Riding at Skyline Park

September, 2007: The Fearful Crossing Wagon Train Ride - 71 miles from Lovelock to Fallon, NV over the Humboldt Sink to the Carson Sink to the Carson River

October 2007:
"Fun With Sparky The Mustang" demo at the Longears Cele-Bray-Tion in Red Bluff, CA



With other riders from the Napa Valley Horsemens Asociation at Skyline Park, in April of 2008
Sparky is fully mature now, and what a nice guy he is! Totally kind, yet full of mischief. My riding instructor calls him "a rocket scientist trapped in a clown suit."

We're riding more than ever now, taking advantage of the wonderful parks in the Bay Area within easy driving distance of home.

We're also continuing to work - sporadically - on trick training. Sparky has the tricks I've taught him in previous years down pat - now I just need to teach him some new ones.

At Bodega Dunes State Park in April

"Mustang Ambassadors" at a BLM adoption in April, 2008

Sparky bows to a group of visiting school kids

The Fearful Crossing 2008

Riding lessons

Dressed for a party

4th of July Parade - Mike rode Sparky, I rode Max

Ponying Piney at Napa Mustang Day 2009


2009 Fearful Crossing Wagon Train & Trail Ride

2010 was a busy year for Sparky

Camping at Euer Valley

NVHA Playday at Running I Ranch

Running I Ranch - BLM Volunteers' Play Day

Napa 4th of July Parade - Mike riding him

Jerry Tindell riding Sparky bridle-less to go after a runaway donkey

Getting decorated for the parade

Sparky gave rides to lots of visiting kids this summer

Having our own arena (THANKS, BOB BROWN!!!) has revolutionized our horse scene - any time we want we can get out the horses and play or ride, even when there isn't enough time to trailer somewhere.
2011: Sparky gets better as I get better
(It's amazing how much your horse knows, once you know...)

NVHA Poker Ride

Riding with Misty & Cache

Running I Ranch

Giving a ride to little Quincy

Campout with WANAC

Riding at Skyline Park with Petra and Ti

Late winter 2011/Early 2012: Lots of Skyline Park rides with Midori and friends.

June Jerry Tindell clinic in Gilroy

Ruby and Sparky as Ambassadors at Santa Rosa adoption

High Sierras horse camping trip

Fun with Liberty play
June 2012 Western States Horse Expo - BLM Breed Demo

Sparky at the "Police Horse Training for Civilians" class at Running I Ranch.

Two-Horse Trick





Sparky did a lot of Cowboy Dressage and Trail Challenges at Novato Horsemen's Association this year

We went camping twice - once at Pt. Reyes and once at Charity Valley in the Sierras

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