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Eleanor Mule

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ELEANOR - Domestic-bred Mustang Mule

Eleanor was bred by Rhonda Zinkel of Siskiyou County, California. Eleanor's dam is an Alvord-Tule, Oregon BLM Mustang named Ebony, and her sire is, of course, a donkey.

Rhonda allowed us to bring Eleanor home, along with her dam, when she was just a couple of months old. That way we had her nearly from birth, and Eleanor was well-adjusted to her new home before being weaned and separated from her mother.

Eleanor has a full brother, who is a year or tweo older. His nam,e is Colby and is owned by Sal Rhymes. Sal does lots of packing in the mountains, and she reports that Colby is excellent in her pack string.

For several years Eleanor lived as a happy herd memebr, but her training was sporadic. She got a good start with Jerry Tindell, and Saanen took her to a couple of additional clinics. Given this mule's high intelligence, the sporadic nature of her early training hasn't seemed to matter - she remembers everything!

Eleanor knows that the grass rally IS greener on the other side of the fence!

Mike rode Ruby and ponied Eleanor.
In Septemeber of 2007, we took Eleanor along with Sparky & Ruby to the Fearful Crossing Wagon Train & Trail Ride.
As time went by, Eleanor grew into a lovely young lady with a strong & distinct personality - totally benign, but she has never offered to do anything anti-social beyond being a bit pushy. But mules demand that you know your stuff!

Eleanor sports the fancy new fly mask that I got her at Bishop Mule Days

In spring of 2008, we decided it was time to get serious and finish Eleanor's saddle training. Here is Mike riding Eleanor in a lesson.

Eleanor is much happier now that she is one of the "big kids" in the herd, and now that she has a real job to do.

In 2010, Eleanor spent 6 weeks with trainer Jerry Tindell, honing her riding and driving skills.


2011: Eleanor helping to groom the arena

2012: Eleanor in the Sierras

2012: Eleanor and Sparky on the trail