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BLM Mare #

This is a non-commercial, independent website, owned and written by Nancy Kerson, for the benefit of actual and potential adopters of BLM Mustangs and Burros and similar animals.

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Working With Wild Horses, Second Edition
Working With Wild Horses
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Information about BLM adoptions
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mustangs find homes and to
promote public appreciation of
wild horses and burros.

For information about the BLM
Wild Horse & Burro Program,
please call (866) 4MUSTANGS
or Click HERE

Please direct adoption questions
to the BLM, not to me.

And I sure as heck am not a
Mustang car dealership!

I have NO horses or burros for
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Kitty Lauman:
From Wild to Willing:
Using the Bamboo Pole to Gentle Mustangs
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Lesley Neuman:
The First Touch
Gentling Your Mustang

Lesley works with 3 wild horses at a BLM adoption, and very clearly explains what is happening, what she is doing, & what she sees in each horse as it progresses. Study this video and you can learn "pressure and release" gentling techniques to gentle your own new mustang!


Help for Burro adopters!
Crystal Ward
Donkey Training

All the basics of gentling, handling, and training. A MUST for new burro adopters! Good for domestic donkeys, too!




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Colorado currently has 4 Herd Management Areas:

1. Little Book Cliffs
2. Piceance-East Douglas Creek
3. Sand Wash Basin
4. Spring Creek Basin 

Plus 3 more identified Herd Areas
(not the same as Herd Management Area)

2 have been zeroed out. The third, West Douglas, was scheduled to be zeroed out, but a 2009 lawsuit succeeded in stopping it.

"This removal never happened for two reasons. The BLM lacked the funding to conduct the gather and on August 5, 2009 District Judge Rosemary Collyer ruled against the removal of these horses after Dr. Don Moore, The Colorado Wild Horse and Burro Coalition, Inc. and the American Mustang and Burro Coalition, Inc. filed suit against the removal. Judge Collyer also ruled in her decision that the removal of the horses was beyond the authority of the BLM as stated in the Wild Horse Act."
Thank you,
George Roosevelt, Riders For The Brand Wild Horse Club


Winston, a Colorado Mustang

We recently adopted a 3 year old Mustang from the BLM area in Canon City, CO.  The horse was saddle trained by one of the inmates at the co-located prison.  The inmates showed off their horses to us and then I was able to ride the ones I was interested in.  I selected Winston, a dark gray with some evidence(?) of Appaloosa in his face.

He was brought to our property yesterday and it was such a joy to be able to work with him.  After getting acclimated to my property I got him dressed up and we rode on my back acreage.  He is so willing to please and patient.  He even let me know that I was doing something wrong.  After our ride it was evident that Winston bonded with me.  When I looked in on him last night before I went to sleep he came over for a hug and did the same this morning just before I fed him.



Cheyenne Mountain AFS, CO

Colorado has 4 Herd Management Areas and 3 Herd Areas that have either been zeroed out or are targeted for being zeroed out:

data from
Hey name is Amber, and this is my Mustang from Colorado. His name it Buddy-Lee. He is THE SWEETEST horse that I have EVER encountered. Hard to believe that he was captured in the wild. He's so calm, he's just standing there in an open field, no halter rope on or anything. I guess he's a little too busy with eating grass to go anywhere though...haha.                                                                                                     ~Amber~

Dear Amber: Who do you think I am - BLM or something? Please see the disclaimer at the top left of each page. - Nancy


Little Bookcliffs

Banjo from Little Bookcliffs

Spring Creek


Sandwash Basin

Cuervo from Sand Wash HMA, adopted by Carmen Deyo and Mike Dibble

Cuervo stands 15.1hands,
and has a draft build and mellow temperament

Kathleen Carrasco in Walkerton, IN adopted this Sand Wash, Colorado mare, Nikhita.

Kathleen describes Nikhita as built like a QH, and very calm.  She is four years old, stands about 14 h, and is a bay roan.  She is just as sweet as can be, and was captured around nine months of age. 

I've recently adopted this colt from the Sand Wash. He is suppose to be 2yrs old. I'm hoping he will get around 15hh.

"Sand Wash Picasso" - back in the wild again

Read "Sand Wash Basin Weblog"


Piceance-East Douglas

Banjo from Piceance-East Douglas


We adopted this pretty girl for our son, Damien, 2 yrs ago from the Canon City Adoption Center.  She's from Piceance-East Douglas area. She was off the range for 3 months when we got her at 18 months, and my son has done all the training on her. She has always been affable and steadfast. She's coming four and does it all. He takes her hunting and is gun broke. My husband and son are both Confederate Re-enactors and this will be her first year doing that.
This year I'll finally be getting mine  and hope it turns out as nice as Apache.
Julie - Penrose, CO

West Douglas

Sundance, from West Douglas, rescued and adopted by Erica Williamson

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