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This is a non-commercial, independent website, owned and written by Nancy Kerson, for the benefit of actual and potential adopters of BLM Mustangs and Burros and similar animals.

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Working With Wild Horses
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This website is owned and created
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Information about BLM adoptions
is offered as a service, to help
mustangs find homes and to
promote public appreciation of
wild horses and burros.

For information about the BLM
Wild Horse & Burro Program,
please call (866) 4MUSTANGS
or Click HERE

Please direct adoption questions
to the BLM, not to me.

And I sure as heck am not a
Mustang car dealership!

I have NO horses or burros for
sale and am not interested in
buying or listing or otherwise
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Kitty Lauman:
From Wild to Willing:
Using the Bamboo Pole to Gentle Mustangs
More from Lauman Training available now!

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Lesley Neuman:
The First Touch
Gentling Your Mustang

Lesley works with 3 wild horses at a BLM adoption, and very clearly explains what is happening, what she is doing, & what she sees in each horse as it progresses. Study this video and you can learn "pressure and release" gentling techniques to gentle your own new mustang!


Help for Burro adopters!
Crystal Ward
Donkey Training

All the basics of gentling, handling, and training. A MUST for new burro adopters! Good for domestic donkeys, too!





See my photos from

Going directly to a large holding facility is a great way to adopt, especially if you have something particular in  mind, or don't want to wait for a weekend adoption to come to an area near you.

If you live too far away to go to one in person, most of them now participate in the BLM's regular Internet Adoption

For more information, check with the BLM National Website There are currently facilities in Arizona, California Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, & Wyoming.

National Wild Horse and Burro Center at Palomino Valley
Entire Month of April: Ten halter-trained Mustangs (ages 1-3) offered for adoption on a first-come, first-served basis. You may also adopt a wild Mustang (ages 2-4) and enter a drawing for the wild horse to be trained at the Northern NV Correctional Center at no cost. Special adoption and drawing ends on April 30, 2009.

Special adoption of 25 head of Mustangs ("Color Freaks" take notice!)
Winnemucca, NV - May 8-10, 2009 (Photo Gallery)

Note: This link includes several pages pages of horses. Don't stop at the first page.

If you are from out of state, there will be a short (10 days to 2 weeks usually) waiting period after you adopt before you can take your new horse or burro home. This is due to brand inspection and Coggins test requirements for bringing a horse or burro across state lines. Internet Adoption horses and horses at special adoption events and travelling adoptions are ready to go - all paperwork and tests completed.

Be sure to call to make an adoption appointment.

Benny in the loading chute at Palomino Valley BLM Center, getting ready to go home

BLM has wild horse training agreements with state correctional institutions or private contractors in: CO, KS, NV, OK and WY. These locations also serve as adoption centers. To learn more about all permanent adoption centers, please see list below for the closest facility to you!

For more information, check with the BLM National Website


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Disclaimer: Horses are inherently dangerous. Use the information contained within this website at your own risk.